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Modern Love Tokens: Engagement and Wedding Rings For Men & Women

In 2022 we’re spoilt with a wide range of engagement and wedding jewellery. If you’re looking for something more personal to yours and your partners style, it’s now easier than ever to get custom made jewellery without the couture price tag.
Here’s our list of tailor made rings with a twist. Each design is perfectly gender neutral, allowing you to have matching ceremonial rings

For The Die Hard

The macabre meets classical adornment, these rings signify the type of love that transcends life and death.
Fede Handshake Wedding Band Ring with Skeleton Hand and Gem Stone Cuff Detail
A beautifully dark twist on the classic Fede ring. This wearable symbol of eternal friendship and love features a diamond cuffed handshake between the living and the dead.
We offer this design in a range of stones and metals, including silver, high carats of gold and platinum. 
Gold Friendship and Loyalty Ring with Hands Shaking Detail and Diamond Pavé Band
If you're looking for an alternative to traditional wedding bands, then our personalised signets can be a great gender fluid alternative.
Latin Motto Engraved Ring inscribed with Vous Ou La Mort / You Or Death. Detailed with Bead Set Black Sapphires in the signet band.
The Vous Ou La Mort signet is for the ride or die. It translates to You Or Death and features two sparkling stones set into the band. Choose from Black Sapphire or Green Tourmaline, or get in touch to have this ring made with custom stones. 

For The Romantic

Our Amor Vincit Omnia signet ring is decorated with an engraved Latin motto which translates as Love Conquers All. 
Unisex Latin Motto Engraved Ring with Amor Vincit Omnia / Love Conquers All. Finished with Rainbow Opal Signet Band
Each ring is custom made in your favourite metal and your choice of Opal or Amethyst. If you’d like a custom stone in the band, send us an email at for prices.
Amor Vincit Omnia/Love Conquers All Engraved Oval Signet Ring with Purple Amethyst Stone Band

Next up is our bespoke text rings; these are custom made with outside and inside ring band engraving so you can immortalise sentimental names or dates.  We offer these with birthstone bands and metal, so it’s easy to have the perfect sentimental ring made that fits your personal taste.

For The Sentimental

Personalised Engraved Letter/Name/Number Oval Signet with Custom Birth Stone Band. Optional Old English or Script Cursive Typography
Custom Engraving For Inside Wedding or Engagement Ring
Custom Letter Engraving On Silver Signet Wedding/Engagement Ring with Custom Garnet or Birth Stone Set Band

Sparkle For The Minimalist

Geometric Hexagon Shape Signet / Wedding / Engagement Ring with Engraved Line Texture and Precious Gem Stone Set Band
One of our best selling designs for both men and women is our Hexagon signet.
Our signiture ring features a gorgeous geometric centre stone flanked by matching stones in the band. We decorate each ring with a line halo around the centre stone, which softly twinkles in the light. Get in touch to order this ring in custom metals and stones.
Rhomus Purple Amethyst Solitaire Engagement Ring with Gem Stone Eye Snake Band
Rhomus Green Tourmaline Solitaire Engagement Ring with Gem Stone Eye Snake Band
Rhomus Black Sapphire Solitaire Engagement Ring with Gem Stone Eye Snake Band

One of our newest designs is our Sacred Serpent Ring which features a rhombus precious gemstone centre held up by gemstone eyed snakes. This is a great alternaive to the classic solitare engagement ring and can be customised with sentimental stones and metals upon request.

What makes this ring unique is it is available to purchase with a matching wedding band; the Ceremonial Serpent! Wear together as a bridal set or mix and match with our other designs.

Dark Precious Gem Stone Eye Snake Stacking Engagement / Wedding Band
Gothic Precious Gem Stone Eye Snake Stacking Wedding Band Set
Would you wear these as engagement and wedding rings? Let us know your throughts in the comments below!
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