The Serpents Club Part 2 - We're changing our name to Emily Proudfoot! - Emily Proudfoot

The Serpents Club Part 2 - We're changing our name to Emily Proudfoot!

From 2024, The Serpents Club will be going through some changes.

The store has come a long way from starting in a shared student flat at the age of 22 and I'm so thankful for all the support everyone has given it. The Serpents Club is my firstborn and I will always love and be proud of the many forms it has taken over the years.

Next year TSC will turn 10 years old and to be honest, my style and what I want for this project have evolved a lot since launching in 2014. Although it feels like the end of an era, it feels like the right time to let the business reflect the growth it's gone through over the last decade. 

When I transitioned to The Serpents Club becoming my full time job in 2020, the name i'd spent so many years building began to feel really impersonal. I'm sure people who stumble across my website would probably assume the business is a collective effort or a company, but the truth of it is that the store is run by a single person who designs and makes every single piece by hand. Because of this, being known as a 'brand' felt really at odds with the reality of being an independent artist. 

From next year, The Serpents Club will be rebranded—a new name for the next chapter. We will be launching our new branding, web url (, packaging and collection next Spring.

Rest assured, it is still business as usual here. Our website platform will remain with Shopify - this means customers can continue to access accounts, place orders, collect loyalty points and spend points, before and after our rebrand.

Some products will be discontinued to make space for our new collection, which you can shop in our sale section. A selection of made-to-order designs, like our charm chains, will stay on the website and become part of our heritage collection.

Watch this space or follow us on our new Instagram handle for more updates.

Love and appreciation always,

Emily x

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