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Customs We Love: A Wedding Ring For My Husband

After 10 years of creating wedding jewellery for other couples, it felt really special to be able to make something for my now husband.

Mike had proposed to me with a chunky gold signet adorned with a kraken intaglio and wanted something to mirror my rings weighty design and symbolism. 

When I created this ring last year, Mike immediately decided that he wanted it to be his wedding ring. One of my favourite films for its esoteric imagery is Alejandro Jodorowskys 'Holy Mountain'. Funnily enough it's even been my username for the past 17 years, so naturally a signet with a mountain on, Mike felt, was a subtle nod to symbolise me which I thought was really sweet. I crafted this in solid 9k yellow gold and detailed the mountain peaks with a diamond hammer tool to make them gently glitter when they hit the light.

I had planned to make my own wedding band but decided against it at the last minute. Sadly last year Mikes grandmother passed and whilst organising her belongings, her (previously thought to be lost) wedding ring was found. My mother in law was kind enough to offer me the option to wear the ring as my wedding band and to my complete surprise, it fit me perfectly. As someone who's a sucker for a piece of jewellery with a history, this ring felt meant to be. 

On a brisk February morning in York, we wed in an intimate ceremony with close family. We celebrated with champagne at the historic Greys Court, a medieval walled garden tucked away behind the Cathedral and later on, dined in a 1920's speakeasy themed restaurant. It was no fuss or stress, just as we always wanted. 

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