Halloween Playlist - Emily Proudfoot

Halloween Playlist

Happy Halloween babes of the internet! We've compiled a quick list of our favourite horror films and tv shows to see you through the weekend.

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Mean Girls with murder.

Creep Show

Anthology horror playing out stories from a comic book called Creepshow. There's also a Creepshow 2! 

Tale of Two Sisters

The film follows two sisters living in their secluded house with  their father and his new wife.  Slowly the environment becomes erratic and family secrets begin to unravel.  


The story follows a teachers move to a small English village after surviving a traumatic experience with a voodoo tribe. The inhabitants of the village begin to show strange behaviour and the paranoia sets in.

House That Dripped Blood

Horror anthology film by Hammer House of Horror telling the stories of all the residents who've lived in a supposedly evil house.

Rosemarys Baby

Rosemary moves into a beautiful apartment with her husband Guy but soon after becoming pregnant believes something sinister is at work with her neighbours. 



A young woman attends a ballet academy however when students begin showing up dead she has to uncover the truth behind the school. Beautifully shot Dario Argento film.

The Shining


Jack Nicholson as a caretaker that agrees to look after a hotel over the winter with his family. Soon after moving in, a snow storm isolates the family and strange guests begin to appear. 


Fright Night


Super cheesy but in that 80's nostalgia way that we all know and love. Vampire neighbours, bad outfits and a lot of comedy relief.



The classic high school gone to hell movie. Carrie is a shy girl that gets relentlessly tormented by her classmates and religious mother - hard to watch but satisfying to see the revenge.


Evil Dead 2

Evil Dead 2 is one of the few sequels where it doesn't really matter if you've seen the first film. Although both are good in their own right, Evil Dead 2 is just hilarious.


Evil Dead - Army Of Darkness 

Fighting witches, possessed wenches and an army of demons in classic Ash form.


Blood from the Mummy's Tomb

This has been a costume goal since forever (it really ups a sexy cat costume in a tasteful & "i really made an effort" way). Following a young woman who gets mixed up with an ancient curse and reincarnation.



Sigourney Weaver playing a badass babe that has to survive on a ship swarming with aliens. A classic.




I Saw the Devil

One of the greatest cat and mouse horror films of all time - the film follows a man hunting down and tormenting a depraved serial killer who murdered his fiancé.  




The original version obviously, because nothing gives you nightmares quite like watching a guy peel his own face off. 


American Horror Story  (TV Show)


This horror anthology series tells a new story each season featuring reoccurring cast members as new characters.  Highlights: House & Coven 


Hannibal (TV Show)

This television show is nothing short of a cinematic masterpiece. Even if you never got into the Thomas Harris novels or the films, this is guaranteed to have your full attention. If you're looking for gripping characters and full blown gore, you'll find it here. 


The Thing 


Following a group of research scientists working in the arctic, this film finds the group isolated and growing increasingly paranoid when they come into contact and accidently kill an Icelandic scientist frantically trying to kill a husky....we'll leave that there and let you discover the rest.

Hightlights: The head/spider scene / Kurt Russell welding a flame thrower



There's just so many amazing actors in this, Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Spacey. Not to mention some of the most violent and creative murders in any film ever, a definite must see for any horror fan. 

Highlights: The final 5 minutes, heartbreaking and completely unmissable. 


What's your favourite scary movies or shows? We'd love to know your favourites in the comments below!


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