Jackson Irvine Jemilla Pir Engagement Fiancé Wedding Ring St Pauli Football

Customs We Love: Matching Old English Engagement & Wedding Rings

In the heat of the Denmark summer, my childhood friend Jemilla wed her longterm love Jackson in an intimate ceremony. I was asked to make two matching engagement signets last year to symbolise their relationship, which yesterday became their wedding rings. 

The couple chose a mix of dusky pink Tourmaline and rainbow Opal birth stones set into the bands, on the face we finished the rings with JJ to represent their names. 

Congratulations to the coolest couple, sending you both all the love!

Featured: The Old English Signet

Jackson Irvine Jemilla Pir Wedding Rings
Jemilla Pir Jackson Irvine Wedding Rings
Jackson Irvine Jemilla Pir Wedding
Old English Wedding Signet Rings
Jemilla Pir Jackson Irvine St Pauli Wedding
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