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What To Watch This December

It's freezing cold and the festive holidays are upon us. Wrap up, hit the lights and delve into my personal television favourites. 



 A lot of people are claiming this to be similar to Stranger Things, but honestly this is much darker and explores some really heavy themes. I don't want to give to much away but all i can say is i watched the whole series back to back in one day (that's 10 hours straight) and it had me asking WTF aloud at least once an episode. If you're into gritty dramas, science fiction and horror - this is well worth a watch. (Netflix)


The Sinner

I stumbled upon this by accident but I was utterly gripped from start to finish! The story is about a young mother who randomly murders a stranger during a visit to the beach with her family. The mystery doesn’t revolve around who did it, but more so why. I honestly didn’t see the ending coming and I’m preying for season 2. This is now on Netflix for those wanting to watch it in the UK.

The Disappearance

Currently still watching this but I’m thoroughly enjoying it! This limited run Canadian series follow a family torn apart after their youngest member disappears whilst doing his annual birthday treasure hunt. Long buried secrets are brought to the surface as the family desperately tries to uncover the mystery surrounding that the disappearance.


I'm a self confessed serial killer obsessive (but not in a ‘writes to murderers asking them to marry me’ kinda way). I've always been interested in what drives a person to commit such horrific acts of violence, and this was really the perfect show for me. 

The series is based on the early career of John E Douglas - the OG criminal profiler who created the system in which law enforcement now use to understand (and categorise) the behaviour of violent criminals. He talked to some of the worst in history; including Ted Bundy and Dennis Rader, so you can expect some pretty twisted conversations throughout. If you’re into the macabre and a great 70s soundtrack - look no further.


Stranger Things 2

I binged this within a day and my only complaint about this season is it ended far too soon. Good soundtrack and a classic fight between good and evil.

(Also just date me Steve, I promise I’ll always appreciate you and your 80s haircut.)


I don’t usually watch ITV because it tends to be tack, but I really enjoyed this series and I’m glad it will be back. It follows the story of a woman who wakes up after a date with a seemingly nice successful guy only to accuse him of sexual assault. The story twists and turns and will have you not sure who to believe until the very end. A really great thriller.

The Killing Season

This came out a year ago but I really enjoyed it and I’ve been waiting on season 2 to come along (fingers crossed) since. Two documentary film makers travel along inner sections and state lines to investigate a string of disappearances and killings, theorising there could be more active serial killers than originally thought. This is really dark but a totally gripping watch. 

Real Detective

A re-enactment show that isn’t tacky; it’s basically investigation discovery meets True Detective (season 1). Each episode interviews retired detectives who talk about the worst cases they ever worked on and it’s true what they say; reality really is stranger than fiction. They have an array of decent actors in the stories, including Michael Madsen from Kill Bill. My boyfriend and I watched season 1 and 2 together (and we both cried at the last episodes of both seasons). They save the absolute worst for last and still to this day it makes me (a hardened horror and true crime obsessive) feel uneasy. 

Mr. Robot

Oh Elliot, how I’ve missed you. If you’ve not seen this series, then stop what you are doing. Get season 1 up immediately and binge up to where we are now (season 3). It’s so spectacularly shot, the characters are complex and as a whole, it has more twists than a 90s M. Night Shyamalan blockbuster. You won’t be disappointed. 

Vice Principles

Okay I’ve been getting all dark so it’s time to lighten it up - I don’t want anyone getting seasonal depression because of this list.

Vice Principles is that beautiful balance between making you want to hit your own head against a wall because it’s so unbearably cringeworthy and just straight up hilarious. It follows two vice principles and their power struggle to become top dog at North Jackson High. It's got great plot twists and writing throughout. I promise you’ll enjoy it if you liked Eastbound & Down.

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