Bespoke Service

We offer a unique custom design service so you can have something tailor made to fit your personal style or a specific occasion.

This service covers everything from birthday and graduation to engagement, wedding and mourning jewellery. 

Our Tailor Made Service

Request A Bespoke Product

Please share with us your brief for the project alongside your desired product type, carat of metal, gemstones, engravings, ring size and required deadline date, if applicable. We will be in touch as soon as possible.

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Past Projects

Onyx baguette & Green Tourmaline engagement ring in 9k White Gold (2024)

Memento Mori

Dedicated to those who have been loved and lost. We offer a specialist mourning jewellery service to allow ashes or hair to be held safely within a piece of jewellery.

Custom reliquary pendant using family gold and heirloom diamonds. Engraved with a bright cut engraved edge and Bluebell flowers. The centre panel seals a hidden chamber holding ashes (2024)