Let's talk about Gold

Feeling overwhelmed with choice? Explore our helpful guide below where we talk about the differences, the pros and the cons...

White Metals

Statement and heirloom signet rings with mesmerising custom cut precious gemstones and birthstone bands



Just like Gold, platinum is a great heirloom metal due to it's high value and rarity. Platinum is known as a white metal, it does not tarnish, making it an ideal investment alloy for people who prefer the colour of Silver. Unlike Silver and Gold alloys below 24k (which is the highest purity), Platinum is a hypoallergenic metal due to not being mixed with any other alloys. This makes it ideal for people with severe metal allergies.


A great investment metal due to it's durability, silver jewellery dated from 1000 BC can be found in museums around the world, still as beautiful and strong as the day they were first made!

Custom engraved gold brass zippo case with black Phillip the goat


Brass has been used since the Neolithic period and is still a popular alloy for jewellery to this day due to it's similar appearance to 18k yellow gold.

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